2 Cuffz

These aren't just your typical granny pants, people. These Costa Blanca palazzo pants were just too good to pass up on - a 70's hippie classic that can be just about paired with anything. So simplistic, I paired them with my favourite Zara basic tank, scrunched and tied in the back to show a little bit of midriff skin. I was never a big fan of the whole "crop-top" look - it got abused and misused oh so quickly - but with these high waisted bad-boys a little bit of midriff is acceptable (and probably the only time I will do it). 

Keeping my whole simple-skin look, I decided to throw on my 2 Cuffz - aka my absolute favourite pieces of jewellery I own at the moment, courtesy of Club Monaco. These armoured babies are the best that has happened to me - they literally are the most versatile pieces.

And no 70's outfit is complete without a great pair of sunnies that pay homage to Janis Joplin and Ozzy Osbourne. Vintage chic but with a mirrored touch to satisfy my trendy tastebuds. 

Tank: Zara
Pants: Costa Blanca
Cuffs: Club Monaco
Shoes: Zara
Sunnies: Aldo